Rally to King County Prosecuting Attorney’s office and presentation of The Bull Connor Award


Prosecuting children in adult court originates in racist stereotypes and produces racist outcomes. We’re currently targeting the King County Prosecutor’s office, Governor Jay Inslee and supporting Senate Bill 5122 in the state legislature

Auto Decline

Automatic decline are Washington state laws that send juvenile defendants to adult court under certain criteria. Young people continue to be prosecuted as adults without any consideration of juvenile brain development, and the unique developmental process of young people. It is a cruel and racist practice we are working to abolish for good.

Senate Bill 5122

Senate Bill 5122 addresses youth in adult courts and seeks to restrict the number of children sent to adult courts and prison. Our campaign successfully advocated to strike problematic language from the original bill, and while it does not abolish auto-decline and further legislation is necessary next session, we are supporting this bill, while demanding a bill to end auto decline in 2022.

Dan Satterberg

As of March 29, SCOTUS denied hearing Satterberg’s appeal that was arguing for mandatory sentencing for youth, despite overwhelming public support for rehabilitative solutions for youth. We are demanding now KCPAO eturn the 13 current King County Auto-Declined Youth to Juvenile Court, and to expedite re-sentencing for all youth in accordance with Houston Sconners, Ali & Domingo Cases.

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