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Please help us reach our fundraising goal! We are becoming a registered non-profit, but in the meantime we need your support to help continue the direct support for children and families facing decline & auto-decline, organizing, policy advocacy, and legal support we are currently doing with $0 budget.


Prosecuting children in adult court originates in racist stereotypes and produces racist outcomes.We’re currently supporting Senate Bill 5122 in the state legislature, targeting the King County Prosecutor’s office, and advocating a moratorium to abolish Decline & Auto-Decline from both the legislature and Governor Jay Inslee.

Decline & Auto Decline

Decline & Automatic decline are Washington state laws that send juvenile defendants to adult court under certain criteria. Young people are prosecuted as adults without any consideration of juvenile brain development, the unique developmental process of young people, and untreated mental health issues. They are cruel and racist practices that we are working to abolish for good.

Senate Bill

We are supporting the reintroduction of Senate Bill 5122 for passage in the 2022 session. SB5122 limits the use of Decline & Auto-Decline, and would make kids’ cases currently sent to adult court under the exclusive jurisdiction of the juvenile court going forward. We are mobilizing to support its passage need wide community support to hold lawmakers accountable. 

King Co Prosecutor Dan Satterberg

We are demanding King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg’s office permanently discontinue Decline & Auto-Decline, and return the 13 current King County Declined & Auto-Declined youth cases back to the jurisdiction of the juvenile court. And, we demand KCPO expedite re-sentencing for all youth in accordance with Houston Sconners, Ali & Domingo case decisions.

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About Us

Kids Are Kids is an all volunteer grassroots organization that was founded in 2021 by family of children currently facing adult sentences under Washington state’s auto-decline laws. Kids are Kids is working to end the racist incarceration of children in Washington state through organizing, policy advocacy, and direct support of families and children facing auto-decline. Kids are Kids is Black-led, multi-racial, gross-generational spanning 5 generations, and is led by members currently and formerly incarcerated as children under auto-decline.